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The project encompasses both the construction of new footpaths and bike paths through the park, better lighting, more green spaces and meeting places with benches to encourage recreation. 

A main part of the project is the excavation of Hovinbekken – a creek that has previously been buried in an underground tunnel below the park. When the project is concluded, the creek will instead wind its way through the park openly.  

Furthermore, we will help facilitate better bus access and more parking for the users of the park facilities. 

All in all, the development of Jordal Sports Park will contribute to making Oslo a more liveable city. 

However, the project presents several challenges and requires a multidisciplinary approach. 

For one, the park is located centrally in Oslo and has complex existing infrastructure both below and above ground level. This must be taken into consideration when for example excavating the creek and establishing the new landscape of the park. The project involves removal of a large amount of matter – some contaminated – and working in areas with quicksand. 

Secondly, the detailed planning phase was implemented within a very short time frame, imposing high demands on coordinate, resources and staffing. 

To implement the project efficiently, reduce the risk of errors and get optimal quality, we utilized Building Information Modelling (BIM) as the master design tool. 

Sustainability facts

  • Creates more green spaces, increasing liveability in the city
  • Excavates Hovinbekken creek, which has previously been buried in an underground tunnel